Easy Creamy, “Cheesy” Polenta

Polenta is grits’ fancy, uptown cousin. This cheesy rendition of a childhood classic is dairy free, gluten free, rich in B vitamins, and kid friendly. When done correctly, the coarsely ground corn meal transforms into a creamy, budget friendly love boat, sure to delight even the…

Packed with protein, delicious, and the perfect remedy to quell Southern nostalgia without feeling heavy or bloated. Enjoy served with rice, corn bread or cassava. Great in salads too and meal prep friendly (last 3–4 days in the fridge; taste even better as leftovers!)


2 cups Kidney beans (pre-soaked or fast soaked)
1 cup Quinoa
Red bell pepper (diced)
Onions (diced)
Kimchi (totally optional! but adds a delicious kick!)
Maple syrup
Cooking oil
Garlic powder
Tabasco (substitute chili powder for milder taste)
Soy sauce
Freshly chopped basil


1 hour fast-soak kidney…

Snousha Glaude

I raise vibrations and eradicate mental poverty. Here I synthesize the science of mind/body/nature connections. New book & merch : heysnousha.com

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